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WILLIAM WALKER ATKINSON was lawyer, merchant and a north american writer born in 1862 and died in 1932. It was publishing responsible for the magazines "Suggestion" (1900-1901), "New Tought" (1901-1905) and "Advanced Thought" (1906), in Chicago. He was devoted to Philosophy Yogue's diffusion and of the Oriental Occultism in the occident, being considered by the people of India as an authority in the subject. It contributed to the formation of the bases of a new conception for the Psychology and a new Thought regarding the mental world and relationship with the man's spiritual reality.

The Researches that have been accomplished by CER appear, until the present moment, 105 titles: works signed like Atkinson; other in co-authorship (with Edward E. Beals; with Laurion William De Laurence); using the pseudonyms (Magus Incógnito; Theodore Sheldon, Theron Q. Dumont, Swâmi Pachandasi and The Three Initiate in collaboration with Mabel Collins and Paul Foster, with prominence for Ramacháraca, with 13 publications). It is possible that can be found other pseudonyms still unknown.

a) titles under pseudonyms: > Theodore Sheldon, Magus Incognito, The Three Initiate, Theron Q. Dumont, Swâmi Pachandasi and Ramacháraca. This last form the most expressive group of that block and they contain teachings on the Philosophy Yogue and the Oriental Occultism, with the explicit intention of they constitute a course, second some sources were inspired for his guru Baba Bharata;

b) titles in co-authorship: > Laurion William De Laurence, Paul Foster, Mabel Collins and Edward E. Beals with whom wrote "The Powers Book", a group of 12 titles on the man's internal powers and the form of using them.

c) titles under the name William Walker Atkinson, they treat themes related with the mental world, the psychic reality and the man's inferior and superior nature, constituting a base of conceptions with which she stipulated to call "New Psychology" or "New Thought".

We suppose that the Circulo de Estudos Ramacháraca stops the totality of his work today for consultation, sale and remittance for e-mail, very away we preferred to believe that the presented relationship is not definitive. We continued looking for more complete information regarding the author and his work. It leaves of her is preserved still in Brazil, by the Editora Pensamento and in his majority, the titles can only be found at national libraries in foreign publishers.
Those that have interest in obtaining more detailed information about his work can appeal, soon, to the documents of CER: "Ramacharaca Life and Work" and "Catalog of the Work", that contain indications of how to locate the publications in Brazil and in exterior.
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We recommended that the author's work is read again in several opportunities, because to each reading, a new world of understandings opens up to the conscience, and the possibilities of incorporating those knowledge to the mental structure of each one of us, through new attitudes, they are made presents in an astonishing way.