All the subjects related with the True Superior: the Consecrated Science, the Spiritualism of a general way.

Flat of Existence, Soul, Spirit, Ego, Iindividuality, Personality.

Reincarnation, Spiritual Laws, ambushes and shortcuts of the spiritual way, evolution and development.

God, Absolute, the UNITE, the ALL.

A dive in the auto-knowledge: the Man's Principles; the mental and psychic Instruments: Reason, Sensibility, Imagination, Perception, Intuition, Wish, Wish, powers, telepathy, clairvoyance, clairaudience, psicometria.

The Cosmos, Materia, Mind, energy, spirit.

Hidden therapeutics, Physical, mental, emotional, psychological and spiritual health.

Extraterrestrial missions in the planet, the Science and the interlinked system of the parallels universes.

History of the Earth Planet and her civilizations: Lemuria, Atlantida and Adamica Civilization.

Third Millennium and the perspectives for the Land Planet in the was of the transition.


Through the "PROJECT SER" we looking for the transmutation of our present apprenticeship of conscience, enlarging the solemnity-knowledge and the conquest of ourself.