Author's Works - we have the author's William Walker Atkinson whose work counts with approximately 105 titles rare books, including the pseudonymous: Ramacháraca, Theodore Sheldon, Magus Incógnito, Theron Q. Dumont, Swâmi Panchadasi and The Three Initiate. Besides the pseudonymous signs some of their publications with the own name; other in co-authorship with E.E.Beals and Laurion William De Laurence, Paul Foster, Mabel Collins and some as anonymous.
They are books translated for the Portuguese, counting with explanatory notes, illustrative pictures and support texts to the understanding, true pearls for the student's effort that looks for with seriousness spiritual development. These publications are sold at prices that just collect the photocopy expenses, binding and postage, without lucrative purposes. For just US$ 5,00 or 4,50(5 dollars or 4,50 euros), in identified deposit in the account Bank of CER, we sent your request for e-mail.
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Studies and Researches - we developed studies and researches on specific themes, that are published by CER (reproductions in spiral).

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