What is CER?

The CER is an entity that is dedicated to the study of the Superior Truth seeking your students' spiritual improvement. We understand that each one is the agent of transformation through his reason, sensibility and perception. In the CER the study is an instrument where the knowledge is the half and the improvement is the end the reached being.  We use knowledge countless fonts without differentiate tendencies.

Your name is a court to William Walker Atkinson who used Ramacharaca's Pseudonym, among another (Magus Incognito, Theodore Sheldon, The Three Initiate, Theron Q. Dumont e Swâmi Panchadasi), letting an excellent work for the ones that want thrash the way to the spiritual ascension starting from himself, having for orientations base that allow access the Superior True present in each one of us - The Spirit.

The individuality expands, proceeding making part of a collective patrimony, when we discover the unified field that entails us as one all to the material, mental, psychic and spiritual bodies of the universe until arrives to the conscience of your paper as spiritual cell of the Larger Reality. Assimilate to the spirit is not if bereave of benefits, happinesses and pleasures, is their usufruir of the perfect form without allowing that they enslave us. It's become enabled most to be happy in the measure in which we develop the sense of the balance and of the peace in our interior.

This is also the period in that we give pulse to the Community's "Dream of Light" ("Sonho de Luz") work.

To who it is destined?

The CER is an opened entity to everybody the ones that want if initiate in the spiritualists knowledges of certain form and interested in the auto-transformation, enlargement of the contact conscience and search with your divine dimension.

Your studies method offers teachings that will go being assimilated and accepted from the identifications of each student, respecting the rhythm, the philosophies and the development degree of each one.

CER's only selective criterion resides in the intention purity that impels each one to seek your spiritual development. The education and the of age band are secondary factors, contoured through the adaptation of the programs for groups and people.

How does it work?




CER's Meetings are exclusively of studies, not being developed no ritualistic practice or experiences of psychic character. The psychic conquests elapse of the improvement of each student on the way that footpath in direction to the Superior Truth.

Through a series of Programs the student goes being led to a gradual deepning in the hidden knowledges. Taking part of Weekly Meetings, in group, in the thirst, or individually in your own residence. The doubts can be pulled through previously defined encounters, so much in the CER, how much for e-mail, or on-line in own Room Chat.

Each group or individual develops his studies in days and previously defined schedules, obeying a Programs sequence. The integration with the rest gives through the Monthly meetings (last Sunday of each month in schedule of 10:00 am at 1:00 pm, with confraternity lunch), and of the Integration Nucleus (weekly encounters that gather interested of all the groups, geared to a dive in the auto-knowledge through the study of the mental reality of the human bein.

The CER works from March to December for studies and in January and February for collaboration actions internal work and continuity rendered by the students according to her conveniences.