William Walker Atkinson (1862 -1932)

William Walker Atkinson (Yogi Ramacháraca) was mysterious figure. It was born in Baltimore in December 1862, son of William C. Atkinson and Emma L. Mittnacht. Of your childhood only is notorious that attended the public school. In 1889, with almost 27 years, it married to Margaret Foster Black from whom had two sons. It worked as liberal professional until the end of 1895 when it is admitted in Pensilvânia's Forum as lawyer. In year following after a profound personal crisis, it approached the school of the New Thought that praised the obtainment of the health, well-being and happiness through the control and of the confidence and same and of the expectation in the encounter with the positive divine and benevolent principle.

For following such thought philosophy, it transferred with the family to Chicago, where it continued your lawyer's career. Your writer's career had beginning thanks to two editors of the New Thought: Sydney Flower and Elizabeth Towne who published your written for long years, contributing actively for your success. Having in mind the activity quantity in common, Atkinson opened his own school: Atkinson School of Mental Science (School Atkinson of Mental Science), in the same palace of the New Thought Publishing Company de Flower. Atkinson loved to use pseudonyms according to the public to which came back and with the name of "Theodore Sheldon" it wrote by the Elizabeth Towne a rehearsal, Came Culture (1913), inspired in the importance of living an active life marked by the self-determination. Your more famous pseudonym was "Ramacharaca" who used from 1900 to 1912, to publish books on the hinduism even today of great actuality and importance.

It remains up to now unknown the form which the author managed to deepen to such an extent the knowledge and the thought on the eastern science. Ananda, a searching Belgian, which analyzed this matter (, sustains the hypothesis that Atkinson was disciple of Baba Bharata, a famous yogi that visited the United States in the beginning of 1900, which was then disciple of a hindu master of name Yogi Ramacharaka. Other source sustains that the author had gathered in the East to study close to the hindu master. Certainly, the only reliable information is to what it perspires directly of your written in which describes the philosophical route of the eastern study, accompanied of the esoteric practice appears empirically and improved that year.

In the largest part of the written books as Ramacháraca evidences the theme of the insistent need to man appropriate itself of the body and of the health, before to procede in direction to a level of more elevated conscience. This theme found also in the rare hidden texts care for the eradication of the disease on the Land, to the point of in 1906, gather them in an unique text "The Science of the Psychic Cure" (groups all the therapeutic techniques for him registered). For fifteen years, from 1900 to 1915, the production with the pseudonym Ramacharaka is very intense as well as also to what produced with Atkinson, geared to the ideas of the New Thought. In 1908, change also the way of writing and arises a book on the hermetism, "Caibalion" (IL Kybalion) one of the Three Initiated, (see relative biography). Probably in 1915 (?) with the pseudonym of Magus Incognito signs another book on the symbology Rosacruz, "Rosacruzes Secret Doctrine". Around 1920, Atkinson denied the group of the New Thought that I was constituted around your teaching because I had become very sectarian, absolutely contrary element to their convictions. It transferred to California and started to request the copyright that had sold to the editor and friend of the group of the New Thought to appropriate itself of his written and of your content. It from then on signed the books only with your true name and initiated the organic structuring of your thought. The boss car of this period is "Mental Magic, The Secret of the Mental Power" - "L'Energy mentale: IL segreto della magic" (1935), in which gathered the seven lessons of "The Secret of Mental Magic" and some fundamental chapters of "Mental Fascination", with an introductory chapter and unpublished and highly enlightening correlation. The result is an organic work of extraordinary wealth and intensity. It died in Los Angeles in 22 of November 1932.

Also a double care concerning about of your death makes part of the mystery that circled your life. There is a certificate of death that evidences, date and cause (certificate of death), but also there is a document four year after in which attests that Atkinson renewed personally the copyright of any of his books (certificate of copyright). The author still published as Yogi Ramacháraca, the trilogy of the health: The Science of the Breathing; Practice cure by Water and Hatha Yoga, and the classic of the occultism: "A Vida depois da Morte". Atkinson always kept a positive vision, even in a title as this last, planting a happiness seed that will be able to flourish in the better and man's more complete creativity, in the certainty of not being alone and of there caning be in the fullness of the soul in all your infinite existence.

Biography - The Three Iniatiates

The first author that is sure is William Walker Atkinson (1862 - 1832), (relative biography was seen), lawyer american of Chicago and studious of great fame, which wrote a variety of metaphysics texts with the goal of announcing of clear way and not sectarian a theme up to now kept under the domain of several hidden schools. With the Yogi pseudonym Ramacháraca, or Ramacharaka, as it is written in English, it published another series of volumes on the eastern philosophy, which we introduce of comprehensible form and of easy access to the western public.
The second is Paul Foster Marries (1884 - 1954), musician and founder of the cabalistic order of B.O.T.A. (Builders of Adytum) what means: Building of the Sanctuary, of Los Angeles, and that, in year of 1920, made part of the group of Golden Dawn of New York. Marry it is reminded mostly for your study on Tarô's Archetype who used as starting point for the deepning of your occultism study. The expulsion of Marries of Golden Dawn by Moina Mathers, the wife of the dead founder S.L. MacGregor Mathers, it created an .
The third and more uncertain author is the writer Mabel Collins (1851 - 1927), friend and disciple of Helena Blavatsky. Atkinson also talks of "an elevated spiritual entity" which would have talked by Collins, as well as Atkinson narrates in the introduction of another author's famous book, "Luz no Caminho".
Any studious sustain that the authors invented the name "Kybalion" because it is not met in the hermetic tradition, writing or oral. The composition of the name seemed Greek composition and seems have been composite by the association with Cabals and Cibele. Interesting is your numerologia (cabalistic calculation of the letters) made about the Greek alphabet, it takes over the value of 583 that means: "Celato tra I celati" (attribute of the sephiroth Kether), "Corpo nascosto" or still "Eremita" and "Liga de ouro e de prata". Caibalion is a rare beauty text in which are illustrated the seven hermetic principles and some of them take over correlation, explaining the principle of the unit of the universe that is molten in a life form, both on top and downstairs.

Certification of Vital Record

Important data:

Certificado nº 8930
Record's location: 864
Death place: District nº 1904, Pasadena, Los Angeles, California.

Personal data:
Name: William Walker Atkinson
Address: 873, East Del Mar
Death date: 11/22/1932
Sex: male
Color: white
Marital status: married
Wife: Margaret C. Atkinson
Birthday: 12/5/1862
Age: 69ª, 11 months, 17 days
Career: writer
Disease presentation: 06/1930
Occupation: author for 32 years
Filiation: William C. Atkinson - born: Baltimore, Maryland and Emma L.Mittnacht - been born in Arlington, Maryland.
It resided 2 years in the district where died and 9 years in California

Data of the death:
Attended of 31/10 a 11/22/1932
It was seen by the doctor
Hour of the death: 10:30 PM
Beginning of the disease: 3 years ago
Causes of the death for important order:
Arteriosclerosis (beginning 3 years); Cerebral clot (12/23/1931); Cardiac dilation (10/31/1932)
He was not autopsied
Doctor: Henry M. Gey
Residence: 65, No Medison Ave
Death Certificate performed by J.D. Dunshfe MD in 11/25/1932
Informer: W.C. Atkinson which resides at the same address
License for cremation: nº 17 in Mt. View Crematory in 11/25/1932
sined by C.K. Warrem
Funeral: Ives & Warren Co. - 100 N Hill Ave, Pasadena
Certifies that the Death Certificate is truthful: Conny B. McCormack
Register of april 12 1999 nº 19-796262